This is the last night of this particular leg of our trip, and we have plenty of memorable moments to share about our time on the East coast 🙂
We started off by going straight to the APCA conference to hang out with our booking agent, Jeff, and perform for a showcase in front of a bunch of schools. We made so many friends and had a blast in Hershey, PA (yes, as in Hershey chocolate. Seriously, the whole city smelled like tootsie rolls). Unfortunately, I forgot to charge the camera battery, so we decided to use it all for videos, which are all in the lovely vlog that Shane made and posted on our YouTube, but here’s one photo we got with some students from a college in Pennsylvania that we’ll be performing at in September!

Our first school on this side of the country was our second performance at Springfield College, where we got to hang out with our friends Maria and Nicole. (Sorry Maria missed out on the photo op.)

We spent plenty of time in the snow, and hen even more time trying to avoid the snow and nearly 0° temperatures, but we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the extremely different climate. Also, we’re beyond thankful for my amazing dad, who drove all the way to Baltimore from Florida, just to hang out with and help us on this trip. What a cool dude he is. 

We’ve started doing something out here that was suggested to us by Jared Mahone, a super talented singer/songwriter who we met at APCA (check him out, he’s awesome), and that’s performing at open mic nights in the local bars near the universities. Definitely the best idea we’ve heard in awhile, and I can’t believe we didn’t even think once about doing it. Thanks Jared! 

 We’ve had such a blast playing our songs to new crowds of people who have no idea what to expect from us, and also, playing pool for the first time (which I’m terrible at, but I love it).
Possibly my favorite part of this trip has been visiting all of the local bookstores, music stores, and bars, which we’ve spent much of our free time doing.

Next up on the agenda was Albion College in Michigan (somehow even more freezing than Massachusetts) where we played love songs for a Romantic Valentine’s dinner for the students. Basically, Shane was in heaven because we did jazz almost the whole time. 

And last, but absolutely not least, was John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio, where we met the two sweetest girls on earth and did an interview with a journalist for the school paper, which turned into a huge bonding experience for all of us, and some random students in the dining area who heard all of the introspective questions that Kate asked us, and our answers. It kind of turned into a question game that we all played for a couple of hours, after which we performed in a small theater for the students and our friends that we met at Disney Springs months ago. Jane Rossi and her lovely family live in Ohio near the University and have been a part of our posse at Splittsville since they first stumbled upon us almost a year ago, and have come to see us every time they’ve been in Florida since. Seeing them was like a big warm slice of home! 

Well, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day (our first one together as a couple, and my first one ever with a boyfriend!) and we will be spending it on the plane back to Portland, which is fine because it’s unusual and so are we. 

Hope you all have a great day, and if you have no one to spend it with, don’t let it get you down, because you can always just watch cat video compilations and and remember there are plenty more Valentines Days to come, and we love you <3

 See you on the other side (of the country)!!

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