It’s hard to believe that we’ve only been gone for 6 weeks, and even harder to believe that we’ve been gone for more than 5 minutes. When you come home to a place that really feels like home, it’s almost like you never left.  We finished our trip off with a few amazing things, beginning with a long-anticipated visit to the Grand Canyon with my brother who I haven’t seen in over a year and a half!

  He and his hilarious friend, Chika, drove all the way from Simi Valley, California to hang with us. 

It was one of those experiences that we will never forget. I’ve waited my whole life to see this beautiful place and it was better than I had ever imagined! We had an incredible day.
The next day, we played at our last university on our tour, which was Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ, which was a great ending. 
The students had an event where they got to build-a-dinosaur. It was adorable and they gave us one for free. That was pretty cool.

On our way home, we stopped in Tuscon to get an oil change and new tires for Harvey, and got our first sunburns of the year! We walked for hours and marveled at the strange desert plants everywhere. 

Our next stop was in Mobile, Alabama where we spent a few hours with Joe’s adorable sister who is the female version of him. We went to Moe’s Southwest BBQ, which was AMAZING. Some of the best barbecue sauce I’ve ever had was theirs. 


So after 3.5 days of driving, we made it safely home. Shane and I never expected to miss Florida, because when we left we couldn’t wait to get out of the heat and humidity, but somehow we did. After seeing some of the most beautiful places that exist in our country, all different kinds of terrain, climates, landscapes and wildlife, somehow Florida is really our home. We talked dreamily of cottages in the mountains or log cabins in the desert, but there is something about our muggy, hot, flat home that beats it all. We’re just so happy to be back and spending time with our church and our friends at Joe’s new coffee shop, Bank & Main, in downtown New Port Richey, and playing at all of our regular gigs. 

Tomorrow we’ll be at Downtown Disney and we’re so excited to see our Orlando family again. 

Until next time, friends. Thanks for following our journey! It was one we’ll never forget.

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