We had just finished playing at Avila University in Missouri and went straight to the airport to fly out to Buffalo New York for the Alfred State show we had the next day. Emilys dad and our great friend Mitchel Duval drove the RV all the way to New York to meet us at the show… Good thing we decided to fly too, because we would not have made it in time. Whew!
So we got to the airport, and right away we found out the price to fly our keyboard with American Airlines was $200. That was a shock because we didn’t take time to read that they aren’t as awesome as South West which is our personal favorite. It technically was supposed to be $300 because it was over weight AND over sized. However, the lady at the desk was really nice :). So we fell asleep on the plane while listening to Coldplay and the Beatles and two planes later we picked up our rental car in Buffalo, NY, and drove two hours to Alfred State University… Which was one of the prettiest drives I have taken. Just looking at the scenery alongside houses that looked like they would be inhabited by the people of Stars Hollow (let’s see who gets this reference…), was just a treat for our eyes. 
The tiny little town that holds this college was amazing. We got to the town about 4 hours early so we got to eat and hang out at a cute humble coffee shop. We had to take pictures with our phones for this part because the camera was in the RV. Good thing though that Mitchel and Emilys Dad made in time for the second half of our show to take pictures with the good camera. 

After bible reading and picture editing, we made our way over to the college where we were met by the awesome Edward and short but mighty Sara! They were awesome and took care of us and the show went awesome! We played for an event that seemed to have a “Stress Free” theme. They played with play dou and had massages and other stress free things. I assume our music played a part in that… 😸. 

We had a great time and now we are back in the RV heading to Florida for more gigs! Mitchel Duval, our personal chef, cooked us a wonderful meal in our RV. Here we go, on to the next one, on to the next one (Jay Z). 


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