Bates College. Lewiston, ME.Maine… Cold weather, houses converted into Starbucks, small music stores… These are a few of my favorite things. This trip has been glorious. We flew in on JetBlue Airlines, which we have never done before and were surprised by this tiny, new Airline, by all the great things they offered. They didn’t supply you with typical snacks like a bag of pretzels and stale cookies. We had three bags too many of caramel popcorn chips while Emily watched the movie “Hot Chicks”, and I read my newly, airport bought book called “The Martian”. 

We are here because we are playing at Bates College in Lewiston. We have recently been playing college shows because, well the money is great, but it gives us the chance to spread our music around the country while experiencing the life and culture throughout North America! We are now sitting in Starbucks and getting ready to head to the college now.. Stay tuned! 


 So tonight was amazing!!! We had such a great time playing! The people of Bates College will not be forgotten… Mainly because they bought a lot of the stuffed cats we sell. Now at the hotel, about to pass out… Enjoy the pictures of this very quick, but fabulous trip! 






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