30 Mar 2016

Denver and Arkansas took us by surprise 

Back on the road and it feels like we never left! This time around, we brought our new friend Laura with us and she's pretty great, as you can clearly see displayed in the photo below.   Our first stop was at Johnson & Wales University where we played while the students painted whatever they wanted on little canvases. One of the girls painted us a pizza, and Laura, the amazing artist that she is, painted

7 Mar 2016

A Big Canyon and a Grand Goodbye

It's hard to believe that we've only been gone for 6 weeks, and even harder to believe that we've been gone for more than 5 minutes. When you come home to a place that really feels like home, it's almost like you never left.  We finished our trip off with a few amazing things, beginning with a long-anticipated visit to the Grand Canyon with my brother who I haven't seen in over a year and a

29 Feb 2016

Goodbye, Cold Weather

On the road again! We have now left the northeastern part of our beautiful country for the last time on this trip, and taken with us many fond memories of our time there. After the time we spent in Louisville, KY for the NACA nationals conference, we went east for Alvernia University in Reading, PA, where we made some awesome friends and played in the Crusader Cafe on campus.                 This was a special

20 Feb 2016

Goodbye, West Coast

Our last few days in the Pacific North West were spent incredibly well, beginning with an afternoon at Spin Laundry Lounge in Portland, a laundromat that had not only a coffee shop and a bar inside, but also an arcade! It's pretty brilliant, we all agreed, and none of us seemed to mind doing laundry so much that day.                    After our relaxing day of unpacking our things, getting settled back into Harvey,

10 Days on the East Coast

This is the last night of this particular leg of our trip, and we have plenty of memorable moments to share about our time on the East coast :) We started off by going straight to the APCA conference to hang out with our booking agent, Jeff, and perform for a showcase in front of a bunch of schools. We made so many friends and had a blast in Hershey, PA (yes, as in Hershey

8 Feb 2016

Centralia College and our Trek to the East

Well, I'm not one to play favorites, actually, anyone who knows me probably knows that's untrue, but I try not to. However, Centralia community college made that extremely difficult because from the moment we got there, they were on the top of my list.  We've loved every single school that we've been to, but Centralia raised the bar. The students were unbelievably friendly and down to earth. We felt like we made a hundred friends by

3 Feb 2016

Late Seattle and Everett Community College

I am aware that these events are slightly out of order, and I know what you're thinking, "Shane and Emily are slacking." Yes. We are. But when you see the photos and hear all about what we were busy doing, I think you'll be able to give us a little grace. ;)  So, we pulled into Everett Community College in our big ole RV, and were greeted by two student ambassadors with big, sturdy carts

2 Feb 2016

Willamette University and the great PNW

Today, we woke up in our 6-week home, on temporary turf at the Cape Kiwanda RV resort in Pacific City, Oregon. There's something sad and exciting about leaving a park that we particularly enjoy because, it means that we have to say goodbye, but we have hopeful expectations that the next landing place for Harvey will be equally as wonderful!   So, if you haven't spent any time on the coast of Oregon, I strongly suggest

27 Jan 2016

Traveling to Seattle

Well we're off!!! On our way to Seattle to pick up our friends Joe & Taylor. Last night as we were driving we all heard this loud beeping noise. Knowing exactly that it was the propane gas/carbon monoxide detector... Which means evacuate and call the police, we did exactly that. The cop showed up and informed us that the fire truck was coming. After the firemen showed up, one of them told me that it

23 Jan 2016

Fort Hays State Univeristy, KS

We have snow folks! Mitchel, who is new to the whole concept of white frozen pieces of ice falling from the sky, who was born and raised in Florida, is having a meltdown of emotions, trying to deal with the reality of what is happening around him. Just waiting for the tears to come... Any second now.  Anyway, we left Arkansas Tech last night, and are now heading to Fort Hays State University! I have