22 Jan 2016

Arkansas Tech, AR

Ok... So if you decide to take an RV a very long distance during the winter season, do not neglect checking your propane levels. I had no idea I was on empty, and there we were... driving from Florida, on our way up north at 12am. If you are new to the idea of living in a vehicle that requires propane to keep you warm, there's something you should know. They do not sell propane

21 Dec 2015

Alfred State University, NY

We had just finished playing at Avila University in Missouri and went straight to the airport to fly out to Buffalo New York for the Alfred State show we had the next day. Emilys dad and our great friend Mitchel Duval drove the RV all the way to New York to meet us at the show... Good thing we decided to fly too, because we would not have made it in time. Whew! So we

12 Dec 2015

Avila University, MO

Avila University, MO And we're off!!!!!! Last night around 12:00am we started driving to our first show, (out of the two on this trip). This trip we decided to take Emilys Dad and singer-songwriter, Mitchel Duval. We feel asleep around 4am and I woke up to the RV being driven by Emilys Dad (Tee) at around 10am. I enjoy the fact that we can sleep while someone is driving. Mmmmmmmmm :)    Shane Anderson, Mitchel

21 Nov 2015

Stonehill College. MA

November 19th, 2015       Yesterday we picked up "Harvey The RV", and started our first journey to Stonehill College in Massachusetts. It was a relaxing drive all the way from Florida, until it happened... New. York. City. Driving up I-95 is the loudest, scariest thing I think any of us have ever done. Oh, and we also learned that you can't drive through tunnels with a propane tank attached to your vehicle. In fact,

15 Nov 2015

Spokane, Washington. NACA Showcase.

   Well, here we are in beautiful Spokane and feeling great! No more humidity!!! So to start this blog off right, I think it's important to inform you of what a showcase is. We recently became apart of a college booking company named Degy Entertainment. They book us at... You guessed it... Colleges. Colleges all over North America. So we fly out to different locations around North America and play for fifteen minutes at a

13 Oct 2015

Bates College, ME

Bates College. Lewiston, ME.Maine... Cold weather, houses converted into Starbucks, small music stores... These are a few of my favorite things. This trip has been glorious. We flew in on JetBlue Airlines, which we have never done before and were surprised by this tiny, new Airline, by all the great things they offered. They didn't supply you with typical snacks like a bag of pretzels and stale cookies. We had three bags too many of

Shane & Emily Music26 Oct 2014


So I have been playing music since I was 16 with the dream of one day having a song that had the same quality as the music I listened to. I've recorded quite a bit of music, whether it be by myself or with other bands, and I could never get it to have that radio ready sound. The closest I had was with my solo EP called "From Here", that was under my name

1 Oct 2014

Nashville September 2014

For several months, we have been going to Nashville the last few days of each month. We got introduced to the Nashville scene by Forest Hoffar, a fellow musician friend of ours in Tampa, Florida. (Check him out, he's one of our favorites). So at first we drove up every month just to play at the Tin Roof Revival (@revivaltinroof) and then we started playing other events and venues like the Whisky Jam and the

25 Sep 2014


Hey everyone! Welcome to this new blogging thing we're gonna try out. We're gonna start this whole thing with letting you know that now we have our website up!! We have a little bit more to work on but the idea is ready for the world! So much easier to find our social media now! :) So you may be wondering what the chalk theme thing is about... It all started with a sign we