Well, I’m not one to play favorites, actually, anyone who knows me probably knows that’s untrue, but I try not to. However, Centralia community college made that extremely difficult because from the moment we got there, they were on the top of my list.  We’ve loved every single school that we’ve been to, but Centralia raised the bar. The students were unbelievably friendly and down to earth. We felt like we made a hundred friends by the time we left! Also, our contact, Jesica, who basically runs the place, is an unforgettably sweet girl who I’m really hoping to see again.

 So after doing a half-hour teaser for the lunch crowd, we spent about 4 hours at an adorable coffee shop called Santa Lucia right around the corner from the school, where Abram, the barista, showed us his cool latte art tattoos,

and served up the best mocha I’ve ever had, while the boys played chess (okay, Shane destroyed Joe in every game).

The show was a total success. We always encourage the students to request songs, but we didn’t know what we were in for with these guys. We may or may not have played Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” twice, as per the request of two grown men in the audience. It was pretty great.

So, from there, we felt that it was about time to go on an adventure through a creepy Oregon forest, and we did. And it was creepy, but amazing. 

 We aren’t quite sure if we got lost, or just missed the falls, but it seems that Rainbow Falls State Park is deceivingly named, because if what we saw were “the falls” they were pretty underwhelming. However, there were campsites for RVs with full hookups and a dump station! It’s a beautiful place, so I would recommend it regardless of the trickling falls. 

The next morning, Shane and I said goodbye to the West Coast and our amazing friends as we took off for New England. It was bittersweet watching Harvey drive away with Boot Scoot and our tour family, knowing that we would not be able to experience the redwood forest in California where our friends were headed, but with so many adventures up ahead, I’m sure we’ll have another chance. 

 We’re staying nice and frozen here on the East Coast with my awesome dad as we prepare for our next few shows, and enjoying the snow!

Up next, Springfield College, the home of basketball! See you soon 🙂

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