So I have been playing music since I was 16 with the dream of one day having a song that had the same quality as the music I listened to. I’ve recorded quite a bit of music, whether it be by myself or with other bands, and I could never get it to have that radio ready sound. The closest I had was with my solo EP called “From Here”, that was under my name “Shane Anderson”. I just didn’t see myself with the capabilities of an artist yet to make it sound the way I wanted.

A month ago in Nashville this happened for us! For the first time in 10 years I have finally released something I’m super proud of! We released our first single as “Shane & Emily” called “CHALK”.

We recorded this song with Matt Erickson in Nashville and he made our song come to life!! We’re heading there this very second (from Florida) to record our next single and we already know to expect greatness from the very talented Erickson.

You can listen to the song HERE

Thanks everyone for listening and being apart of what we’re doing! 🙂

– Shane


  • esemom

    Love the song and love you guys!! Over 1000 views in just over a week!! Can’t wait to hear the next one.


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