Back on the road and it feels like we never left! This time around, we brought our new friend Laura with us and she’s pretty great, as you can clearly see displayed in the photo below.  
Our first stop was at Johnson & Wales University where we played while the students painted whatever they wanted on little canvases. One of the girls painted us a pizza, and Laura, the amazing artist that she is, painted our logo and both paintings are hanging up inside of Harvey so we can see them all the time! We had a blast. 

So it was 70° and sunny in Denver, CO, and we decided to hang out for an extra day and visit the Red Rocks National Park and Amphitheater before starting our trek to Arkansas. We attempted to hike without half-dying in the thin, dry air, which proved to be somewhat of a difficulty for our lazy Florida bodies. But we saw some cool things, and stood where countless music icons have played. 

We camped at a truck stop just outside of the city, planning to head out the next morning, but our plans were changed just a tad by a huge blizzard that hit us in the middle of the night. We woke up to about two feet of snow, closed interstates, and a long day of movie watching and waiting out the crazy weather. 

Once everything cleared up, we drove to Wichita, Kansas to get Harvey an oil change and walked down the street to Twisted Java Coffee House where we got to chatting with the Manager about life music at their venue. He told us they had a guy scheduled to play the next night, but he cancelled, leaving them searching for someone to fill his spot. Obviously, we eagerly offered to cover!

 We ended up having a really cool show there where a couple of friends who had seen us at Splitsville dropped by and hung out for a bit. We also made friends with a local performer name Kayley Renee, who serenaded us with a beautiful cover of a Bruno Mars song. All in all, it was a pretty cool experience that has motivated us to start looking into asking local coffee shops near our shows if we can just come and play for tips! So hopefully you’ll be seeing more of that very soon! 
Once we got to Arkansas, we did something that Shane has dreamt of since he first got the urge to buy an RV; we camped. I’m talking middle of nowhere, zero cell phone service, riverside, campfire, roasted hot dogs, weird sounds coming from the woods camping. It was beautiful and a little scary at the same time and we all really enjoyed it. 

We woke up, alive and in tact, and drove to the University of Arkansas Fort Smith where we played for their “Rock the Vote” event in the campus amphitheater and met some of the most genuine and friendly people we’ve come in contact with. It was a show to remember, and hopefully we’ll be back again in the fall! 

So we’ve got two more universities on the trip jammed into the next two days and we can’t wait to see what they’ve got to offer!
See you soon!

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