We have snow folks! Mitchel, who is new to the whole concept of white frozen pieces of ice falling from the sky, who was born and raised in Florida, is having a meltdown of emotions, trying to deal with the reality of what is happening around him. Just waiting for the tears to come… Any second now. 

Anyway, we left Arkansas Tech last night, and are now heading to Fort Hays State University! I have to say, Arkansas Tech set the bar for this 7 week trip were on. We’re expecting great things, with high hopes that Harvey the RV won’t break down on us. Boot Scoot the RV cat is adapting fine to this cold weather. The propane furnace that we have going to keep us warm is running our propane tank dry, and fast. It looks like we’re gonna have to fill our tank every four days or so. 


Boot Scoot

So right now, we are working on making our first vlog… This is something we haven’t touched yet… Debating if we’re gonna put all footage on one video after the whole trip or do a bunch of short ones. Who knows… Who cares… Let’s see what happens! I’ve had my nose in this book that Joe Karl introduced me and Mitchel to. The book is called “Through Painted Deserts”, written by Donald Miller, which is really fitting for this trip, because it is all about two dudes who travel from Texas to Oregon… And we’re also heading to Oregon, just on a different route. I’m spending too much time typing this, instead of looking at the pretty sights… So see ya! 🙂

We made it to the school and the show ambience was that of a coffee shop. At about 15 minutes left of our set, people started requesting songs, which ended up with Emily rapping Jay Z and Eminem verses. 

After the show, we went to Applebee’s where we met two people by the names of Kethlyn and Jordan. We think they will get married one day, and then we’ll play their wedding.. We’ll see. 

We are now headed to Seattle Washington, which from here is a 24 hour drive. Woooooooo! We stopped at a camp ground called, Camp Inn, which is off exit 17 (I-70), to clean out our black and grey water tanks, add water to the fresh water tank, and purchase a couple nic nacs to make Harvey the RV feel more like home. The temperature here is so much warmer then only an hour ago. Here, the temperature is around 65 degrees here, where as just 60 miles ago it was around 35 degrees. Before, we were driving up hills covered in snow and had all kinds of turns… This is different. This is a flat land where we can see for miles!! I assume this was a popular spot for Cowboys and such back when. While I was cleaning the tanks, Mitchel thought it would be funny to aim the water hose down my pants…….. With our tanks cleaned, a new pair of boxers, and all tired out from playing at the RV children’s playground, we are off to Washington to pick up our friends Joe & Taylor who are gonna be joining us for the rest of the trip!!!!! Bye!


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