On the road again! We have now left the northeastern part of our beautiful country for the last time on this trip, and taken with us many fond memories of our time there. After the time we spent in Louisville, KY for the NACA nationals conference, we went east for Alvernia University in Reading, PA, where we made some awesome friends and played in the Crusader Cafe on campus. 

 This was a special day for us because we got to see Brian and Liz Feister, who are the literal reason we have Harvey. You see, we met these two lovely people a few months ago at one of our regular spots in Florida and got to talking with them about our plans for traveling the country and living in a home on wheels. I guess Brian saw something in us that he liked, because he generously offered to co-sign with Shane so that he could get a loan for an RV, and the very next day that’s exactly what happened. We love these two and their hearts for the Lord. Seriously, you’ll never meet anyone cooler or sweeter than them! 

 The next day was February 24th, a.k.a. Joe’s birthday! It was a total blast. We headed over to Absecon, New Jersey for Stockton University and played in the game room for some cool people while they studied, drank coffee, played pool and fooseball. 

Once we were done, we drove to Atlantic City, where Mitchel’s sister, Avonlea and her boyfriend, Mike, came to meet up with us and spend the evening together to celebrate Joe’s birthday and mini family reunions. 

Isn’t she the cutest?

 Also, here’s a couple photos of me in my beard hat with Shane. He loves me, I promise. 

 Now, we’re halfway to Prescott, Arizona, where we’ll be playing our very last show of this trip. We’re all feeling a little melancholy, thinking about it all being over and going back to our old routines, if only for a few weeks, but we’re also extremely excited about our last stop. It’s a strange mix of emotions, but I’m grateful I get to share it with these people whom I love so dearly. See you soon! 

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