I am aware that these events are slightly out of order, and I know what you’re thinking, “Shane and Emily are slacking.” Yes. We are. But when you see the photos and hear all about what we were busy doing, I think you’ll be able to give us a little grace. 😉 
So, we pulled into Everett Community College in our big ole RV, and were greeted by two student ambassadors with big, sturdy carts who hauled all of our equipment to the cafeteria for us, which was a huge help, especially in the pouring rain. This school was so organized and on top of everything! They had a photographer for the event, and at least 10 people asked us if we needed anything. We felt like rock stars, except for the fact that we had no desire whatsoever to trash the green room or set anything on fire. 

We even had some friends from my hometown of Fredericktown, MO show up and hang out with us!

During the set, however, Shane’s guitar started wigging out, so we finished up with our friend Taylor’s baby Taylor guitar. 
Our original plan had been to head out to Salem that afternoon and spend the next four days in that area and on the coast, but we decided to make a pit stop at a guitar store to check out the problem. The man working there told us it was a problem with the pickup and that we needed a new one, so we headed over to the Guitar Center in downtown Seattle, where we thought we would wait around for a few hours, grab some coffee, maybe do some work while the pickup gets installed. 

Well. That didn’t happen. The amazing Paul Storms (also known as professional wrestler, Pete Storm) ended up spending a full two days working on that little Martin, due to some malfunctions with the pickup we used. He’s a cool dude, and I’m so happy he posed for this picture. It’s perfect.

 Something that was not perfect, is that there is no overnight parking whatsoever (at least for RVs) within Seattle city limits. So if you’re planning a trip there, keep that in mind. We were able to park it on the street until midnight for just $3, which was nice, but definitely don’t try any Walmarts, Sam’s Clubs, or anything besides good old fashioned RV parks. It’s cool because we were told that it’s due to the fact that they’re supporting the local businesses, so this way, the RV parks are never hurting for money. 
We spent our time wandering around, visiting coffee shops, cute restaurants (visit Blue Moon Burgers and thank me later) and an amazing Goodwill, where I bought a beard hat. Google it. It’s the best purchase of this trip. 

On our second night, Joe, Shane, Mitchel and I visited the Space Needle, where we met another blonde Emily Grace, who also sings and plays the ukulele. We were pretty mind blown by the randomness of it all, and the killer view of the city from way up there. 


With a brand spanking new pickup in the guitar, and lots of memories from our stay, we hauled out and hit the Oregon coast 👍
Well, now you know about our whole second week of the tour. Better late than never, right? 

See you soon!

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