For several months, we have been going to Nashville the last few days of each month. We got introduced to the Nashville scene by Forest Hoffar, a fellow musician friend of ours in Tampa, Florida. (Check him out, he’s one of our favorites).

So at first we drove up every month just to play at the Tin Roof Revival (@revivaltinroof) and then we started playing other events and venues like the Whisky Jam and the Renaissance Hotel, just to kinda get our faces known out there! We fell in love with Nashville and all the people in it!

We feel like every time we make a trip up there from Tampa it just keeps getting better and better. This time we got to perform and record!! We have started recording with Matt Erikson, who we met in Florida but now lives in Nashville and is a producer/recording engineer and is one of the most talented people we have ever met!!

We have recorded other things and are still working to get those songs sounding the way we want but we recorded a song with Matt called “Chalk”, which will be the first song we release to the world around us. You can find the making of this video at HERE

We had such a good time! We have built so many friendships during this journey. Some of these people are DJ Hish, Kirby, Katie Barnette, Rob Snyder, Cody Walden, Aimee Webber, Justin Dial, and Maybe April. There are many more but here’s a few names.

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