Well, here we are in beautiful Spokane and feeling great! No more humidity!!! So to start this blog off right, I think it’s important to inform you of what a showcase is. We recently became apart of a college booking company named Degy Entertainment. They book us at… You guessed it… Colleges. Colleges all over North America. So we fly out to different locations around North America and play for fifteen minutes at a venue (usually a conference center), in front of a bunch of schools who hire us if they like us. In fifteen minutes, we have to “WOW” all these students so that we can travel in “Harvey the RV” (our newly purchased Shane & Emily mobile), to different schools across North America. Every college/university we have played at up to this point have been some of the best shows we have ever played. We play in front of a couple hundred (sometimes less) students who sit (or stand) and intently listen and engage into what we’re doing. So we believe in goals and our goal right now is to do this full time while traveling in “Harvey the RV”, sight seeing and meeting/making new friends along the way. We plan to take you on this journey with us!! 
Okay, now that you know all about (or as much as we know) the showcases, we would like to tell you about our experience here in Spokane, Washington. We just finished our sound check at the Spokane Conference Center. We started walking toward a coffee shop that we were told was a spot we had to visit. That coffee shop is called “Atticus” and as we were walking there, it stated to drizzle a little bit, and in 51°F weather, it was too cold for our Floridian blood, (even though I’m from Canada). So we entered the closest coffee shop near us. We walked into “Madeline’s Café” and we’re so glad we did! Our plan is to make it to Atticus but we have to be back at the conference center at 12:55pm to watch the first group of performers and it is now 10:27am. So well see if we have time. 🙂

So we had time, and I’m really glad we did. Atticus was better then we expected and we ran into a local named Linda, (regretting now that we didn’t get a picture with her… We’ll get better, we promise). So this coffee shop had a lot of local merchandise and coffee for sale, which we took advantage of. We bought some spoons for “Harvey” and have decided just now that we’re going to collect something from everywhere we go to add to Harvey. We’re pretty excited about it. After we left Atticus we ventured around Spokane by foot and just took in the relaxed culture that is different from what we’re used to. We walked through the streets, down the river, stumbled across a historical carousel. Now our feet hurt and were sitting in the conference center waiting for the first set of performers to take the stage. We go on in a couple hours and were nervous and excited at the same time, and as you coffee drinkers know, those feelings mixed with coffee are not an ideal combination. 

 Well, it went better then we could have expected… Besides the fact that our keyboard didn’t work… So we pulled a Coldplay (global citizen concert reference), and went on with the show anyway!!! We had such a great response from the schools and in two hours we go and meet the students!!!! Here is a picture of the stage as the people come in! 

We are now in the airport about to head back to Tampa, Fl. If you haven’t spent any time in the Spokane airport, I hope you do one day. It’s so small and friendly and makes us want to move here :). Thank you Spokane and NACA West for having us, and we look forward to visiting all the schools that book us!!! 


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