November 19th, 2015

Yesterday we picked up “Harvey The RV”, and started our first journey to Stonehill College in Massachusetts. It was a relaxing drive all the way from Florida, until it happened… New. York. City. Driving up I-95 is the loudest, scariest thing I think any of us have ever done. Oh, and we also learned that you can’t drive through tunnels with a propane tank attached to your vehicle. In fact, it’s illegal. So if your planning on traveling in an RV, you should know that if you do, they will fine you… Thank Jesus, it was only a warning. 

Anyway, before we made it into New York, while driving through Delaware, we met up with our new friends, Brian and Liz. We only got to see them for about 15 minutes… Which is never long enough when your hanging out with Brian and Liz. They greeted us with coffee in a shell gas station, and they hopped in our home on wheels and joined us for said coffee. Then we had to say goodbye. We have a show in February in New Jersey so we’ll see them soon!

Tonight will be the first time we stay in an RV park, so we’ll let you know how that goes! We will be arriving around 4:30am if all goes well and I’ll be happy to sleep for the first time in two days… That’s if our anxiety dies down… Ever.  
The RV park couldn’t have been a better experience. The park we stayed at was called Canoe River Campground. We payed $54 to stay the night. If it was just the two of us, then it would be only $44 but I guess the extra person bumps it up. We didn’t see any other campers around for it wasn’t camping season. We learned today how to do a lot of things we have never done before… Like how to clean out the toilet tank (black water), the shower/sink tank (grey water), and add more water to our fresh water tank. The black and grey holding water tanks have their own separate tanks but when it’s time to drain the tanks, they come out of the same pipe. So We just hooked up one end of a hose to the drain pipe and the other to the dump station hole, which was right beside “Harvey” (the RV). We then pulled a little handle and it all comes rushing out. Easy as that. Then we pushed in the handle to close the tanks, and put away the hose, and that was done. Then we learned how to attach the electric cable that’s attached to our RV to their power outlet… That was easy cause it’s the same thing as plugging an extension chord into the wall. Then last but not least, we attached our water hose to their faucet, then to our RV and we had running water without having to use up our fresh water (stored in our fresh water tank). We were good to go. We walked around and took some pictures of the camp site and we’re happy to have Emily’s dad there to take pictures of us! We only stayed there the night, then head out to the university.     

Now for the actual show… We pulled up in Harvey to the beautiful school of Stonehill College. We unloaded, set up and went to their on campus Starbucks, which was in the same room at their on campus pub, where we ended up playing. The performance went well and we were greeted at our March table by some really awesome students. After the show we packed up and now we’re in Harvey, driving all the way back to Florida to play at a wedding! 


We thank God that we’re able to do such fun things for a living and look forward to the future! 


  • Jan MacPhail

    We are so excited for you and I’m loving watching your journey unfold! Love and miss you!

  • Momma

    SO PROUD!!! What a great life the Lord has blessed you with!! Please drive safely and hope to see you Sunday!! Love from Momma xoxo


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