Well we’re off!!! On our way to Seattle to pick up our friends Joe & Taylor. Last night as we were driving we all heard this loud beeping noise. Knowing exactly that it was the propane gas/carbon monoxide detector… Which means evacuate and call the police, we did exactly that. The cop showed up and informed us that the fire truck was coming. After the firemen showed up, one of them told me that it was time to change the sensor, It was out dated, Then he began to tell me that he also owned an RV and we talked about the awesomeness of them. 

Last night we stopped at a rest area in the hills of Wyoming. It was AMAZING! Well, the sight anyway. Mountains covered in snow with rolling hills. However, as we were trying to sleep, it felt like the RV was gonna flip! Never have I experienced those kinds of winds. We saw a sign that said 40 m/ph winds and it felt worse. We woke this morning in dead silence and it was wonderful.. We are now driving, heading to a church in the middle of no where and it’s SNOWING!!!!! Living in Florida, we don’t experience it much. 

We went to the 11am service at Sinclair Baptist Church here in Wyoming and it was awesome!! A cute humble little church where the pastor spoke on creating boundaries in your life! Which is a little something I touched on a few blogs back… I find peace in the consistency of a morning bible reading with my Tim Hortons ordered coffee, and try as often as I can to go biking or running. This has been such a great pattern in my life and I feel like every day is the best day of my life. So grateful I get to do all of this and thankful to have people like you reading all this randomness that is our life. So thank you 🙂

We are now back in the RV, driving towards Seattle and if you are driving an RV through the winter… Tip: it takes longer to warm your tanks than if your in Florida. Maybe this is common knowledge.. Haha I don’t know. 

We made it to Seattle!!! Pulled into the smallest RV park I’ve ever seen, and just jumped on an uber to downtown! About to head out into town and explore!!!! 

Emily and Mitchel ate at a pho restaurant… I just watched and waited because I think it’s too weird for me… After they finished we walked down Pike street and walked into a pub called “Six Arms Mcmenamins” and now we’re just relaxing after all that driving!!! If you stop in here, I recommend the Hammerhead beer. 
Our friends Joe & Taylor have have made it! Last night we all walked around Pike Place Market in Seattle and it was full of new experiences. The pictures will tell the story! 
  Taylor and all of her doctors!  

storyville coffee is one of the coolest spots in the city!!


Joe and his majestic manbun


these people are making cheese right before our eyes!!


fresh fruit stand at the pike place market where we sampled and bought the most delicious apples of all life!


didnt catch this dude’s name, but he grew up in orlando and then made the best decisiom of his life and moved to seattle to cut apples and stuff

Tomorrow we play at Everett Community College. We are super excited! Another blog to come for that! Thanks for reading. 🙂


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