Hey everyone! Welcome to this new blogging thing we’re gonna try out. We’re gonna start this whole thing with letting you know that now we have our website up!! We have a little bit more to work on but the idea is ready for the world! So much easier to find our social media now! 🙂

So you may be wondering what the chalk theme thing is about…

It all started with a sign we had in front of us, everywhere we played. It was a small chalk board that said “Shane & Emily”. It kinda got broken so we gotta get another one… But anyway…

Then we decided to make our New EP cover look like a chalk board.


We thought it looked neat so it kinda became our theme. So then we proceeded to write a song and we called it, you guessed it… CHALK! So until we put out a new record we’re going to run with this theme for a while.

So head over to “shaneandemilymusic.com” and check out our new website :)!

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