Today, we woke up in our 6-week home, on temporary turf at the Cape Kiwanda RV resort in Pacific City, Oregon. There’s something sad and exciting about leaving a park that we particularly enjoy because, it means that we have to say goodbye, but we have hopeful expectations that the next landing place for Harvey will be equally as wonderful! 
 So, if you haven’t spent any time on the coast of Oregon, I strongly suggest you plan a trip out here, especially if you’re a Florida native who has only seen the flat, white sand beaches of the Sunshine state. There were hills, sand dunes, driftwood and rocks everywhere! Maybe it doesn’t sound appealing to everyone, but we were hooked immediately.  

We also made friends with three awesome girls we met on the beach whose camera almost got destroyed by a wave that caught them by surprise! We watched it all happen, and as we got to talking, we quickly discovered they are fellow Christians! 

  Nellie (left) Mandy (middle) and Christina (right)  

They convinced us to hike up the biggest sand dune (I’m pretty sure it was a modest mountain) I have ever seen in my life. It was exhausting and also the most rewarding thing we’ve ever done. The view from the top was priceless, and although photos could never capture what we saw or felt up there, I tried.   

 We also visited a tiny Presbyterian church down the road and spent some time in a local coffee shop/surf shack/seafood cafe. 

Needless to say, it was an excellent place to say the least. Thanks to Joe Karl for suggesting we make the extra hike out there!

 So, after some hiking and hot tubbing, we left for Salem, where we met Madalyn, our super sweet contact at Willamette University, along with lots of other cool people. 
 It was a unique experience for us because it was the first coffee shop show we’ve done at a university, and also, the first birthday party we’ve done. Happy birthday Willamette! Despite some issues with Shane’s guitar, we had a blast! Go Bearcats! 

 Tonight, we’ll be sleeping in a Wal Mart parking lot near Salem and hitting guitar center first thing tomorrow. Next stop, Centralia, WA! See you soon!

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